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Vietnamese recipes – Longan Fruit Sweet Soup – Che Sen Long Nhan
1/ Peel longans; remove the pit, leaving pulps as intact as possible. Soak lotus seeds; remove the shell, outer membrane and the…
January 23, 2016849 viewsDessert
Vietnamese recipes – Grilled Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaves – Bo Nuong La Lot
METHOD: In a mixing bowl, combine mince beef, shallots, a pinch of salt & brown sugar, black pepper and mix well. Use…
January 23, 20161100 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Beef Fresh Spring Rolls  – Pho Cuon
  1/ Soak the beef with garlic , sugar and soy sauce for 30 minutes 2/While wash green lettuce and many kinds…
January 22, 20161432 viewsWrap and Roll
Vietnamese Recipes – Vegetarian Curry – Cà Ri Chay
Sweet potato and carrot : wash and peel , cut them into 2 – 3cm chunks, place in the wok with cover…
December 11, 20152347 viewsVegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet fresh lima bean soup with jasmine  – Chè đậu ngự tươi với hoa lài
Just image you and your husband go home from work or your children come home after school , every come back home…
December 2, 2015627 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Prawn Cake – Chả tôm
  1.Prawn : Pat the prawns dry with paper towel, then chop roughly. Mix prawn with the carrot, celery leaves ,shallot ,…
November 25, 2015827 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried rice with egg – Cơm chiên trứng
   This fried rice has the flavor those other recipes are missing . Make sure you season the rice with a little…
November 7, 2015525 views
Vietnamese Recipes – Squid filled with pork and carrot – Mực nhồi thịt và cà rốt
  1. Squid : Clean the squids inside and outside under the water running , do not burst the ink sac ,…
September 17, 20151166 viewsAppetizer, Seafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Braised beef with pineapple – Bò nấu thơm
    1.Beef : wash by hot water an cut into dices about  3×3 cm , drained about 10 minutes then add…
September 2, 20151193 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Tofu tossed with spicy satay sauce – Dau phu xao sate
  Tofu is made from soy bean so it is good for your health. It is sold in most of Vietnam market…
August 20, 20152622 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Vegetarian fried rice – Cơm chiên chay
  Fried rice is a favorite and delicious food for many people . It is best to use rice cooked yesterday and…
August 14, 20151840 viewsRice & Sticky Rice, Vegetarian
Vietnamese recipes – Squid tossed with celery leaf and tomato – Mực xào cần và cà chua
  1. Squid :  clean by  taking out the ink sac and the clear cartilage by a knife , wash the squid…
August 12, 20151394 viewsSalad, Seafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Red Tilapia Steamed With Sweet Soybean Sauce and Rolled in Rice Paper – Ca Dieu Hong Chung Tuong Hot Cuon Banh Trang
  PREPARATION   1/Fish Wash and clean the fish , remove its mouth, gills, fin and tail, dry it with paper towel…
July 7, 20151419 viewsSalad, Seafood, Wrap and Roll
Vietnamese Recipes – Green mango and dried squid salad –  Goi xoai va kho muc
It’s easy and don’t take a lot of time to do this salad , just a little further combination of mango with…
June 23, 20151577 viewsDessert, Salad
Vietnamese Recipes – Pork with Fermented Tofu – Heo nau chao
      PREPARATION 1/ Pork fillet : cut into dices about 2 cm 2/ Fermented tofu : Mash it up with…
June 22, 20152121 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Vietnamese Rice Pancake – Banh Xeo
Spring onions ( scallions) : take both the white and green parts, cut into thin rings Cook the dried green mung bean…
June 22, 20152366 viewsRice & Sticky Rice, Wrap and Roll
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