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Vietnamese Recipes – Ginger Roasted Chicken – Gà Rang Gừng
1/ Cut the chicken into 3 – 4 pieces per thigh  or small enough to pick up with chopsticks . Put the…
January 29, 2016608 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Beef Fresh Spring Rolls  – Pho Cuon
  1/ Soak the beef with garlic , sugar and soy sauce for 30 minutes 2/While wash green lettuce and many kinds…
January 22, 20161522 viewsWrap and Roll
Vietnamese Recipes – Pork and quail eggs with coconut juice – Thit kho trung voi nuoc dua
This is one of Vietnamese classic dishes at family meal , you can see this food  any “com binh dan” eateries at lunch in…
January 22, 20161021 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Coconut meat jam – Mứt dừa
Tet holiday is coming soon in Asian countries . Most of Vietnamese people usually eat many kinds of jams in these days…
January 21, 2016544 views
Vietnamese Recipes – Chicken and rice soup – Cháo gà
1/ Wash and peel the fresh ginger , 1/2 part sliced into rings and 1/2 for dipping sauce 2/ Put the rice…
January 8, 20161442 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Spring Rolls with shrimp – Chả giò tôm
1/ Shrimp meat : dry with paper towel and put in a food processor 2/ Jicama : Wash, peel and cut into…
January 7, 2016751 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Meat Ball Roll – Bánh Mì Xíu Mại
1/Meatballs: Combine all minced pork , 1/2 teaspoon garlic, 1/2 tablespoon shallot, salt, 1 teaspoon sugar , sesame oil in a large…
January 3, 2016652 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Christmas tree from vegetables – Cây Thông Làm Từ Rau Quả
1. Broccoli : wash and use a knife to split according to each branch broccoli 2. Carrot, potato, jicama : wash and peel…
December 23, 20151219 viewsSalad, Vegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Vegetarian Curry – Cà Ri Chay
Sweet potato and carrot : wash and peel , cut them into 2 – 3cm chunks, place in the wok with cover…
December 11, 20152508 viewsVegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Crispy Chicken Wings With Fish Sauce – Cánh gà chiên nước mắm
  Chicken wings : cut the chicken wings into two pieces and place in a dish , mix together the garlic, sugar…
December 9, 2015800 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Banana flower salad with chicken – Nộm hoa chuối với thịt gà
      Banana flower : prepare a bowl of water with the lime juice , pull any bruised outer petals from…
December 8, 20151426 viewsSalad
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Tofu filled with pork – Đậu hủ nhồi thịt heo
Pork : Put the pork in the bowl and mix together 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, shallot, black pepper…
December 7, 2015980 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Steamed Omelette with Pork – Chả trứng hấp thịt heo
  1. Soak the mushrooms and cellophane noodles  for 15 minutes in cool water and drain, squeeze any excess water then cut…
December 3, 2015933 views
Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet fresh lima bean soup with jasmine  – Chè đậu ngự tươi với hoa lài
Just image you and your husband go home from work or your children come home after school , every come back home…
December 2, 2015692 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Prawn Cake – Chả tôm
  1.Prawn : Pat the prawns dry with paper towel, then chop roughly. Mix prawn with the carrot, celery leaves ,shallot ,…
November 25, 2015882 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried rice with egg – Cơm chiên trứng
   This fried rice has the flavor those other recipes are missing . Make sure you season the rice with a little…
November 7, 2015556 views
Vietnamese Recipes – Squid filled with pork and carrot – Mực nhồi thịt và cà rốt
  1. Squid : Clean the squids inside and outside under the water running , do not burst the ink sac ,…
September 17, 20151253 viewsAppetizer, Seafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Smoked Eggplant with Dried Shrimp – Cà Tím Nướng Tôm Khô
1. Cover he dried shrimp with water about 10 minutes, then drained the shrimps 2. Chargrill the eggplants over a direct flame…
September 2, 20151588 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Braised beef with pineapple – Bò nấu thơm
    1.Beef : wash by hot water an cut into dices about  3×3 cm , drained about 10 minutes then add…
September 2, 20151252 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Tofu tossed with spicy satay sauce – Dau phu xao sate
  Tofu is made from soy bean so it is good for your health. It is sold in most of Vietnam market…
August 20, 20152681 viewsMain course
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