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I’m so young and enthusiastic. I’m a food lover, a blogger and addicted to Vietnamese cuisine. So let’s join me to introduce Vietnamese food culture to friends all over the world on our website if you are alike!

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Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Rice with Smiley Chicken’s Face (Kiddie Foods) – Trung Boc Com Chien Hinh Ga (Mon An Tre Em)
1/ Rinse peas over fresh water and drain them off. Slice hams into small pieces. Set them aside. Bring out belly peppers and carrots to slice them into diced shapes. 2/ Beat the egg and pour it into a heating...
21 February 2016, 14:02
Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Ha Long Fried Chopped Squid Paste or Cuttlefish Pie (Northern Cuisine – Ha Long) – Cha Muc Ha Long (Mon An Bac Bo – Ha Long)
1/ Choose the squid type of dazzingly shining skin with white part. This step plays an essential part in delivering the best delicacy ever. For preliminary treatment of squids: Carefully remove the ink-bag and gut out its...
21 February 2016, 05:02
Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Grilled Chicken with Honey and Five Spices (Street Food Style) – Ga Nuong Mat Ong Ngu Vi Huong (Mon An Duong Pho)
1/ Rinse chicken over fresh water. Gut the inside out. Pluck off any remaining feathers alongside its body. After that, cut them into halves. 2/ How to make fabulous five-spices seasoning: Add honey + cinnamon powder + saffron powder...
20 February 2016, 20:02
Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Baked Coconut Cassava Cake (Southern Cuisine) – Banh Khoai Mi Nuong (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ Peel off cassava completely. Slit a small ditch alongside of it then using your knife's tip to split its skin. Rinse them over fresh water. Soak in cold water for an hour at the longest....
20 February 2016, 18:02
Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Husband and Wife Cake or Conjugal Cake or Tapioca and Mung Bean Cake (Northern Cuisine – Bac Ninh) – Banh Phu The hay Xu xe (Mon An Bac Bo – Bac Ninh)
1/ Take pandan leaves and rinse them carefully under fresh water. Grind them into fine mixture with food processor. Use its extract and remove its residue. Pour the pandan's essence into fresh water to make 400ml...
20 February 2016, 16:02
Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Bird\’s Nest Cake (Southern Cuisine) – Banh Tai Yen (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ Add all ingredients including rice flour, tapioca starch and baking soda in a bowl. Stir them well to make a smooth texture. Add sugar and salt into this mixture. 2/ Dissolve coconut milk in 100ml of lukewarm...
20 February 2016, 15:02
Bao Tran submitted a new recipe:
Vietnamese Recipes – Rice Vermicelli Noodles Soup with Chicken, Egg and Pork (Ha Noi Cuisine) – Bun Thang (Mon An Ha Noi)
1/ Spread salt all over chicken's skin to remove any disturbing flavor. Rinse and clean it under fresh water while stuffing spring onions and gingers into its cavity after gutting out the inside. This small trick...
20 February 2016, 14:02
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