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I’m so young and enthusiastic. I’m a food lover, a blogger and addicted to Vietnamese cuisine. So let’s join me to introduce Vietnamese food culture to friends all over the world on our website if you are alike!

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Crab Soup with Quail Egg – Sup Cua Trung Cut
How to make “Homemade Crab Soup with Quail Eggs”: Other recipes similar to “Homemade Crab Soup with Quail Eggs”  1/Cook through your quail…
March 17, 201623881 viewsSoup
Slow Cooked Beef Stew – Bo Kho
How to make “Homemade Beef Stew”: Other recipes similar to “Homemade Beef Stew”  Beef stew comprises a huge amount of thick beef shanks and…
March 17, 20162956 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Homemade Organic Black Sesame Soya Milk – Sua Dau Nanh Me Den
How to make “Homemade Organic Black Sesame Soya Milk”: Other recipes similar to “Homemade Organic Black Sesame Soya Milk”  Sesame milk is such…
March 16, 20165796 viewsDrinks & Beverages
Vietnamese Recipes – Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls – Pho Cuon Thap Cam
How to make “Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls”: Other recipes similar to “Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls”  Vietnamese Pho is so popular among foreigners. However,…
March 15, 2016414827 viewsWrap and Roll
Vietnamese Recipes – Grilled Basa Fish Barbecued in Foil – Ca Basa Nuong Giay Bac
How to make “Grilled Basa Fish in Foil”: Other recipes similar to “Grilled Basa Fish in Foil”  Basa fish is a kind of…
March 13, 20163293 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Hell Fried Rice – Com Am Phu Hue
How to make “Hell Rice”: Other recipes similar to “Hell Rice”  1/ Preparation stage: -Rinse off shrimps with water. Discard their heads and tails.…
March 12, 20163405 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Light Fried Rice with Eggs and Veggie (aka Oriental Dressed Omelet or Fluffy Omurice) – Com Hoang Bao (Hue Cuisine)
VISIT OUR PAGE —> 1/Cook rice through and then let them stand in room temperature. 2/Slice peas and carrots into diced pieces…
March 12, 20163012 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Rice Soup (Congee or Porridge) with Minced Pork and Mung Beans – Chao Thit Bam Dau Xanh
How to make “Chao Thit Bam Dau Xanh” Other recipes similar to “Chao Thit Bam Dau Xanh” 1/ Rinse off glutinous rice…
March 12, 20164043 viewsSoup
Vietnamese Recipes – Authentic, Delicious and Perfect Beef Rice Noodles Soup with Savory Broth – Pho Bo
VISIT OUR PAGE —> 1/Rinse off beef bones with a pinch of salt and white wine. 2/Preheat an oven at 250 Celsius…
March 11, 20164039 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
Vietnamese Recipes – Shaking Beef Wok or Cubed Beef Tossed with Red and Green Pepper – Bo Luc Lac
VISIT OUR PAGE —-> All ingredients: 1/ Get rid of heavy bone tissue. Remove unwanted fat and sinew from your beef. Cut…
March 10, 20163122 viewsMain course
Vietnamese Recipes – Perfect Dried Squid Porridge Soup or Cuttlefish Congee – Chao Muc Kho
1/Rinse dried squid well with water. Soak them in a small bowl filled with white wine for 30 minutes to make them…
March 9, 20162357 viewsSoup
Vietnamese Recipes – Signature and Delicious Fried Fish Cake Rice Vermicelli Noodles or Fish Paste Soup (Danang Cuisine) – Bun Cha Ca Da Nang
All ingredients: You might buy fried pork paste (Cha ca) at any Asian grocery stores within your neighboring community or you could…
March 9, 20165863 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet, Easy and Delicious Baked Apple Rose Tart Cupcake Pie Dessert made of Puffed Pastries for Valentine – Banh Tao Hoa Hong
1/Rinse apple with water and let them drain upon a dish or a plate. Remember not to peel them off. Cut in…
March 7, 20163209 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Iconic, Rustic and Tempting Cooked Rice with Baby Clams (not Mussle or Oyster) (Hue Citadel Cuisine) – Com Hen
1/a/Rinse rice with water. Cook them to a rolling boil and set them aside to cool down. b/Preheat a saucepan over a…
March 6, 20162933 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Quick and Easy to Follow Colourful Fresh Corn Salad for Summer – Xa Lach Tron Ngo
1/Set your corn kernels aside on a dish and drain them off. Slice red and green pepper as well as onion  into…
March 6, 20161575 viewsSalad
Vietnamese Recipes – Appealing and Tasty Fish Porridge Congee with Bitter Herbs (aka Mekong Fish Rice Soup in a Pressure Cooker) – Chao Ca Loc Mien Tay
1/Rinse off fish with water. Cut lengthwise to slice away boneless fish fillet from the bones and set them aside. Throughout the…
March 6, 20162175 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Incredibly Delicious Rice Vermicelli Noodle Soup with Crab, Water Spinach (aka Ong Choy), Dried Tofu and Fermented Shrimp paste (Northern Cuisine) – Canh Bun (Mon An Bac Bo)
1/ Cut pork bones into medium-sized chunks. Rinse them with water. Pour them into a boiling pot and parboil over a medium…
March 5, 20163161 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
Vietnamese Recipes – Perfect and Fabulous Fried Rice with Mixed Vegetables, Shrimp, Egg and Sausage – Com Chien Thap Cam
Step 1: Firstly, prepare all ingredients: boiled rice, shrimps and vegetables. Step2: Using a whisk to lightly beat eggs in a small bowl. Heat…
March 5, 20165291 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Stinky but Addictive and Stealthily Tasty Rice Vermicelli with Anchovy Sauce and Roast Pork (Central Cuisine) – Bun Mam Nem (Mon An Mien Trung, Da Nang)
  1/ How to make anchovy dipping sauce:  a/ Wash garlic and chili with water. Peel off garlic completely and set them aside.…
March 5, 20162197 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
Vietnamese Recipes – A Real Delicious Street Food Pan-fried Pork Bun with Quail Egg and Noodles – Banh Bao Chien
1/ How to make the dough (step 1): Add into the mixture of 200g bread flour + 100g of cake flour + 1/2 egg…
March 4, 20165206 viewsAppetizer
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