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I’m so young and enthusiastic. I’m a food lover, a blogger and addicted to Vietnamese cuisine. So let’s join me to introduce Vietnamese food culture to friends all over the world on our website if you are alike!

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Vietnamese Recipes – Vegetarian Shaved and Ribboned Asparagus Salad with Fried Tofu, Bean Curd and Rice Paper – Goi Mang Chay
1/ How to make salad marinade: Apply this recipe: 1tbsp. of soya sauce + 1tbsp. of sugar + 1/4tsp. of salt + lime…
March 2, 20161580 viewsVegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Home-made Yummy Smiley Face Potato Cake for Kids and Toddlers – Banh Khoai Tay Hinh Mat Cuoi (Mon An Cho Tre)
1/ Prepare all ingredients for your kid’s meal. 2/ Peel off your potatoes, soak into salt water for 10 minutes to remove all the…
March 1, 20161239 viewsKiddie Foods
Vietnamese Recipes – Low Carb Apple, Purple Cabbage and Carrot Salad with Sweet and Tangy Aroma – Goi Tao Cai Tim
1/ Rinse apple well with water. Slice them into thin pieces about 2-3mm thickness. Remember to discard the core. 2/ Wash cabbage well with…
March 1, 20161373 viewsSalad
Vietnamese Recipes – Simple but Sentational Banana Flower Blossom (Inflorescence) Salad with Chicken – Nom Hoa Chuoi Thit Ga
1/ Use pairing knife to peel off the hard cover of banana inflorescence. Slice them into small pieces. One small little trick to…
March 1, 2016998 viewsSalad
Vietnamese Recipes – Home-made Crispy Vegetarian Roast Pork Belly from Ham (Roll or Meat Loaf) and Bread – Thit Heo Quay Chay
1/ You can drop by any Asian groceries to buy these ingredients. 2/ Squeeze shredded coconut flesh to take out the extract of coconut…
February 28, 20168397 viewsVegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Home-made Gluten-free Diet of Sweet Corn Milk – Sua Bap
1/ Carefully peel off your kernels. 2/ Preheat a pot to a boil. Put the corn-cobs into the pot. Simmer them with 4…
February 28, 20161696 viewsDrinks & Beverages
Vietnamese Recipes – Mung Bean Coconut Milk Ice cream – Kem Dau Xanh Nuoc Cot Dua
1/ Rinse off your mung beans with fresh water. Soak them for half an hour at least to make them split up their…
February 27, 20161350 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Grilled Rice Paper with Egg or Vietnamese Pizza Taco (Central Highland Cuisine, Da Lat) – Banh Trang Nuong Trung (Mon An Tay Nguyen, Da Lat)
1/ Choose the right type of rice paper which is thin enough to make the wrappers. For the dried shrimps, you can season them…
February 27, 20163529 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Egg Coffe or Vietnamese Cappucino with Tirimisu Taste (Giang Coffe, Hanoi) – Ca Phe Trung (Cafe Giang, Hanoi)
1/ Crack the egg and separate egg white from egg yolk. Pour them into different glasses. 2/ For the egg yolk, add into several droplets of…
February 27, 20165680 viewsDrinks & Beverages
Vietnamese Recipes – Stir-fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles with Fried Tofu, Bean Curd and Mushrooms – Bun Gao Xao Chay voi Dau Hu, Tau Hu Ki va Nam
1/ Split bok choy into 2 or 3 pieces. Soak them in slightly saline water. Rinse them with fresh water and then drain…
February 27, 20163797 viewsNoodles and vermicelli, Vegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Rice Vermicelli Noodles in Savoury Broth or Fermented Soup with Fish, Roast Pork and Shrimps Soup  (Southern Cuisine, Soc Trang) – Bun Nuoc Leo (Mon An Nam Bo, Soc Trang)
1/ Try to find a jar of “Mam ca sac” in your neighboring Asian grocery store. If you\\’re out of luck, you give…
February 26, 20169469 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
Vietnamese Recipes – Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab – Cua Lot Chien Gion
1/ Rinse your crabs with fresh water. Gently pull away their tails. Remove the gills by taking out the top shells and lifting…
February 26, 20161173 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Rice Porridge or Congee with Ground Beef and Carrots (Kiddie Foods) – Chao Thit Bo Ca Rot (Mon An Tre Em)
1/ Coarsely mash beef meat and transfer them into a grinder or a food processor. 2/ Peel off your carrots, slice into thin pieces…
February 26, 20161998 viewsKiddie Foods
Vietnamese Recipes – Deep-Fried Orange Sesame Ball or Fried Glutinous Rice Ball (Southern Cuisine) – Banh Cam (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ How to make the filling: -Soak mung beans overnight or at leat 1 hour in lukewarm water. Transfer them out and grind into…
February 26, 20161727 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Fermented Shrimp Paste with Fried Tofu and Rice Vermicelli (Northern Cuisine, Ha Noi) – Bun Dau Mam Tom (Mon An Bac Bo, Ha Noi)
1/ Rinse your pork meats well with water and drain them off. Bring a pot to a boil, add into that pot 1tsp.…
February 25, 201620115 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Grilled Pork Paste with Young Green Sticky Rice from Vong Village (Northern Cuisine, Ha Noi) – Cha Com Ha Noi (Mon An Bac Bo)
1/ Sometimes it\’s really hard to translate from one language into another one without losing a fair amount of its significance. “Cốm” is a…
February 25, 20162669 viewsAppetizer
Vietnamese Recipes – Thanh Tri Steamed Rice Rolls (Northern Cuisine, Ha Noi) – Banh Cuon Thanh Tri (Mon An Bac Bo, Ha Noi)
1/ Prepare a bowl to soak the flour in lukewarm water for 4 hours to make a fine and smooth batter. When the…
February 25, 201611017 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Rice with Salted Fish (Southern Cuisine) – Com Chien Ca Man (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ Prepare minced garlics and onions. 2/ Slice dried fillet of salted fish into 3cmx3cm pieces. Soak them in lukewarm water for 1h at…
February 24, 20163840 viewsRice & Sticky Rice
Vietnamese Recipes – Pork and Mushroom Vermicelli Noodles Soup (Northern Cuisine, Ha Noi) – Bun Moc (Mon An Bac Bo, Ha Noi)
1/ Rinse pork ribs with water. Bring a pot to a boil, put pork ribs into the pot and simmer them for about…
February 24, 20169168 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
Vietnamese Recipes – Suong Vermicelli with Pork and Shrimp Sausages (Southern Cuisine, Tra Vinh) – Bun Suong (Mon An Nam Bo, Tra Vinh)
1/ Rinse pork bones with fresh water. Soak them in lukewarm water for 5 minutes at the longest. Transfer them all into a pot,…
February 24, 20161039 viewsNoodles and vermicelli
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