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Vietnamese Pumpkin & Mung Beans Sweet Soup – Chè Bí Đỏ Đậu Xanh
METHOD: 1. Combine pumpkin and mung beans in a pan, pour in water. The water level must be higher than the pumpkin…
August 31, 20162240 viewsDessert
Rice Pudding with Black-eyed Peas – Che Dau Trang Nau Nep
How to make “Rice Pudding with Black-eyed Peas” Other recipes similar to “Rice Pudding with Black-eyed Peas” 1/Rinse glutinous rice under fresh…
April 25, 20165668 viewsDessert
Yogurt Cheese (Creamy and Tasty) – Sua Chua Pho Mai
How to make “Creamy Yogurt Cheese” Other recipes similar to “Creamy Yogurt Cheese” 1/Grind cheese in a bowl with 1/5 of 220ml…
April 24, 201611613 viewsDessert, Kiddie Foods
Steamed Sweet Potatoes Bun – Banh Bao Khoai Lang Tim
How to make “Steamed Sweet Potatoes Bun” Other recipes similar to “Steamed Sweet Potatoes Bun” 1/Peel off sweet purple potatoes. Cut them…
April 23, 201629737 viewsDessert, Kiddie Foods, Vegetarian
Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling – Banh It Nhan Dua
How to make “Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling”: Other recipes similar to “Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling”  1/For the cake: Mix…
April 14, 20165858 viewsDessert, Kiddie Foods, Rice & Sticky Rice, Vegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet, Easy and Delicious Baked Apple Rose Tart Cupcake Pie Dessert made of Puffed Pastries for Valentine – Banh Tao Hoa Hong
1/Rinse apple with water and let them drain upon a dish or a plate. Remember not to peel them off. Cut in…
March 7, 201628634 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Mung Bean Coconut Milk Ice cream – Kem Dau Xanh Nuoc Cot Dua
1/ Rinse off your mung beans with fresh water. Soak them for half an hour at least to make them split up their…
February 27, 20167991 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Deep-Fried Orange Sesame Ball or Fried Glutinous Rice Ball (Southern Cuisine) – Banh Cam (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ How to make the filling: -Soak mung beans overnight or at leat 1 hour in lukewarm water. Transfer them out and grind into…
February 26, 20165065 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Baked Coconut Cassava Cake (Southern Cuisine) – Banh Khoai Mi Nuong (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ Peel off cassava completely. Slit a small ditch alongside of it then using your knife’s tip to split its skin. Rinse them…
February 20, 20161811 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Husband and Wife Cake or Conjugal Cake or Tapioca and Mung Bean Cake (Northern Cuisine – Bac Ninh) – Banh Phu The hay Xu xe (Mon An Bac Bo – Bac Ninh)
1/ Take pandan leaves and rinse them carefully under fresh water. Grind them into fine mixture with food processor. Use its extract and…
February 20, 20163299 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Bird\’s Nest Cake (Southern Cuisine) – Banh Tai Yen (Mon An Nam Bo)
1/ Add all ingredients including rice flour, tapioca starch and baking soda in a bowl. Stir them well to make a smooth texture.…
February 20, 20162520 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet Soup with Coconut Milk, Taro, Cassava, Sweet Potato and Tapioca – Che Ba Ba hay Che Thung
1/ Prepare a small pan to put into all raw peanuts. Cook them over a medium heat until all get done and softer.…
February 20, 20163776 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Silkworm Cake or Steamed Cassava Cake – Banh Tam Khoai Mi
1/ Clean casssava carefully with fresh water. Peel them off and soak them in slightly saline water for 5-6 hours. 2/ Grate cassava well…
February 19, 20161388 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Almond with Cheese Jelly and Lychee Sweet Soup  – Che Khuc Bach
1/ Toast sliced almonds in a sauce pan over medium heat until you see golden color. 2/ Mix lychee and longan together. Remember to…
February 9, 20161053 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Mochi Cake or Snowball Cake – Banh Bao Chi (Mon An Goc Nhat)
1/ Wash split mung beans in fresh water, then bring them to a boil in a cooker. 2/ Grind previous cooked beans to dust and…
February 8, 20164102 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Cupcake with Salted Egg Yolk, Shredded Meat and Cheese – Banh Bong Lan Trung Muoi Cha Bong Pho Mai
1/ Crack the salted eggs and separate the yolks. Briefly wash yolks and soak them for 15 minutes in cooking wine. This…
February 7, 20162260 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Dragon Fruit Sorbet – Kem Trai Cay Thanh Long
1/ Peel off your dragon fruit, then slice them into 0.5 cm cube-sized pieces. The trick here is cutting in half first, notching…
February 7, 2016635 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Three Color Dessert or Rainbow Drink – Che Ba Mau
1/ How to make coconut sauce: +Add 400 ml coconut sauce+30g sugar. Simmer them over a low heat. When they reach a slightly…
February 7, 20162136 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Silken Tofu or Soya Bean Pudding in Ginger Syrup – Tau Hu Nuoc Duong
1/ Prepare a saucepan to add brown sugar, water, salt and thinly sliced gingers onto it. Stir them well and cook them over…
February 6, 20161741 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Steamed Rice Cake or Cow Cake or Honeycomb Cake – Banh Bo Hap
1/ Prepare a small pan and cook them over a medium heat. Add coconut milk and sugar into the pan. Stir them well…
February 6, 20163239 viewsDessert
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Pillow Cake – Banh Xep Chien, Banh Goi Chien, Banh Quai Vac
1/ Parboil Chinese cabbage. Drain them off. Chop and wring out excess water. Add minced green onions, ginger juice and seasoning to ground…
February 6, 20161324 viewsDessert
Vietnamese recipes – Floating Cake or Glutinous Rice Balls – Che Xoi Nuoc
1/ Mung bean is chose to make the filling. Wash and soak them in fresh water for at least half an hour.…
January 23, 20161127 viewsDessert
Vietnamese recipes – Longan Fruit Sweet Soup – Che Sen Long Nhan
1/ Peel longans; remove the pit, leaving pulps as intact as possible. Soak lotus seeds; remove the shell, outer membrane and the…
January 23, 2016943 viewsDessert
Vietnamese recipes – Banana Sweet Cake – Chuoi Chung
1/ Peel bananas (keep them intact or cut into pieces); sprinkle with sugar; set aside. 2/ Squeeze scraped copra to get first extract and…
January 23, 2016630 viewsDessert
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