Category: Hot Pot

Vietnamese Recipes – Super Easy and Fast Sour and Spicy Shrimp Hot Pot for Winter – Lau Tom Chua Cay
1/ Rinse pork bones with water then cut them into medium-sized chunks. Simmer them in a pot over a medium heat for over…
March 3, 20161033 viewsHot Pot
Vietnamese Recipes – Healthy Low Fat Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom and Herbs Hot Pot – Lau Ga Nam
  1/ Rinse chopped chicken meats with water and then cut into bite-sized chunks. To make the broth: put 500g of chicken bones into…
March 2, 20164238 viewsHot Pot
Vietnamese Recipes – Seafood Hot Pot – Lau Hai San
1/ How to make broth: + Add 1.4 kg of bones and 2 liters of water to a pot, bring them to a…
February 5, 20165094 viewsHot Pot
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