Category: Kiddie Foods

Fried Sweet Potato with Shrimp Cake – Banh Tom Chien Khoai Lang
How to make “Fried Sweet Potato with Shrimp Cake” Other recipes similar to “Fried Sweet Potato with Shrimp Cake” 1/Rinse off shrimps…
June 20, 20163419 viewsAppetizer, Kiddie Foods
Yogurt Cheese (Creamy and Tasty) – Sua Chua Pho Mai
How to make “Creamy Yogurt Cheese” Other recipes similar to “Creamy Yogurt Cheese” 1/Grind cheese in a bowl with 1/5 of 220ml…
April 24, 201611514 viewsDessert, Kiddie Foods
Steamed Sweet Potatoes Bun – Banh Bao Khoai Lang Tim
How to make “Steamed Sweet Potatoes Bun” Other recipes similar to “Steamed Sweet Potatoes Bun” 1/Peel off sweet purple potatoes. Cut them…
April 23, 201629518 viewsDessert, Kiddie Foods, Vegetarian
Banana Ice-cream Bar or Cream Pops – Kem Chuoi
How to make “Banana Ice-cream Bar or Cream Pops”: Other recipes similar to “Banana Ice-cream Bar or Cream Pops”  1/It turns out that…
April 16, 20161732 viewsKiddie Foods
Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling – Banh It Nhan Dua
How to make “Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling”: Other recipes similar to “Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling”  1/For the cake: Mix…
April 14, 20165694 viewsDessert, Kiddie Foods, Rice & Sticky Rice, Vegetarian
Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet Potato, Mung Bean and Scraped Coconut Cake (Kiddie Foods) – Banh Khoai Lang Dau Xanh Dua Nao (Mon An Tre Em)
1/ Wash sweet potatoes bought from grocery store with water. Cook them through in a rice cooker or steam them in a pot…
March 3, 20162529 viewsKiddie Foods
Vietnamese Recipes – Home-made Yummy Smiley Face Potato Cake for Kids and Toddlers – Banh Khoai Tay Hinh Mat Cuoi (Mon An Cho Tre)
1/ Prepare all ingredients for your kid’s meal. 2/ Peel off your potatoes, soak into salt water for 10 minutes to remove all the…
March 1, 20163287 viewsKiddie Foods
Vietnamese Recipes – Rice Porridge or Congee with Ground Beef and Carrots (Kiddie Foods) – Chao Thit Bo Ca Rot (Mon An Tre Em)
1/ Coarsely mash beef meat and transfer them into a grinder or a food processor. 2/ Peel off your carrots, slice into thin pieces…
February 26, 20161541 viewsKiddie Foods
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