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Pan-Fried Mackerel with Homemade Tomato Sauce – Cá Thu Chiên Sốt Cà
METHOD: – Pan fry mackerel cutlets with one tablespoon of cooking oil until golden brown, set aside on the plate with oil-soaking…
October 9, 201614803 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Meat Stuffed Squid – Mực Nhồi Thịt Chiên
METHOD: 1. In a mixing bowl, combine pork mince, black fungus, noodles, onions, shallots, egg. Season to your taste with black pepper,…
August 23, 20165655 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Bean Thread Noodles with Crab – Miến Xào Cua
How to Cook: – Soak noodles with warm water for 30′ or until the noodles just softened enough and then drain well…
July 29, 20161780 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Grilled Basa Fish Barbecued in Foil – Ca Basa Nuong Giay Bac
How to make “Grilled Basa Fish in Foil”: Other recipes similar to “Grilled Basa Fish in Foil”  Basa fish is a kind of…
March 13, 20161220 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab – Cua Lot Chien Gion
1/ Rinse your crabs with fresh water. Gently pull away their tails. Remove the gills by taking out the top shells and lifting…
February 26, 20161624 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Braised Mackerel Fish in Clay Pot – Ca Thu Kho To
1/ Marinate fish slices with minced shallots, 3 bruised cloves of garlic, fish sauce, sugar, pepper and caramel in a clay pot. Leave…
February 3, 201612980 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Mackerel Braised with Tea – Ca Thu Kho Nuoc Che
1/ Remove gills and intestines from the mackerel; wash and cut the mackerel into pieces; sprinkle with salt and toss slightly; drain; then…
January 30, 20167158 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – BaSa Fish Sweet & Sour Soup – Canh Chua Ca Ba Sa
1/ Boil 1.5 liters of water in a pot, put fish in and cook for about 10 minutes. Use a ladle to take…
January 28, 20161491 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Shrimp Fritters – Tom Lan Bot
1/ Shrimps are deveined and shelled but saved for the tails. Wash them and give a few cuts at their stomach. Marinate them…
January 27, 20163090 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Crab Soup with Asparagus – Xup Cua voi Mang Tay
1/ Canned asparagus are carefully cut into 1 inch lenghts. In case of using fresh peeled asparagus, cooking until it is soft…
January 23, 20162369 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Prawn Cake – Chả tôm
  1.Prawn : Pat the prawns dry with paper towel, then chop roughly. Mix prawn with the carrot, celery leaves ,shallot ,…
November 25, 2015925 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Squid filled with pork and carrot – Mực nhồi thịt và cà rốt
  1. Squid : Clean the squids inside and outside under the water running , do not burst the ink sac ,…
September 17, 20151309 viewsAppetizer, Seafood
Vietnamese recipes – Squid tossed with celery leaf and tomato – Mực xào cần và cà chua
  1. Squid :  clean by  taking out the ink sac and the clear cartilage by a knife , wash the squid…
August 12, 20151564 viewsSalad, Seafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Barbecued shrimps with salt and chilli – Tom nuong muoi ot
Shrimps : wash and remove the intestinal vein without peeling them , then dry with paper towel . 2. Season shrimps with…
August 7, 20151772 viewsAppetizer, Seafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Salmon Braised with Ginger and Sauce – Ca Hoi Kho Tieu
1. Salmon cleaned and dried with paper towel 2. Coat thinly with flour and fried in pan with oil until lightly brown.…
July 31, 20153495 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Shrimps Roe Sauce – Tom Kho Tau
1.Annatto oil : 1 teaspoon annatto seeds , 1 garlic clove, 1 tablespoon cooking oil Garlic clove : Put a garlic clove…
July 23, 20152846 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Red  Tilapia  Hotpot – Ca Dieu Hong Nau Ngot
    Our body need a lot of water in hot days of summer , so we are always thirsty . Besides…
July 17, 20151353 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Vietnamese Caramelised Shrimp – Tom rim nuoc dua
1. Shrimp cleansed and head off and leave to dry 2. Marinate shrimp with 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar for…
July 15, 20154671 viewsSeafood
Vietnamese Recipes – Red Tilapia Steamed With Sweet Soybean Sauce and Rolled in Rice Paper – Ca Dieu Hong Chung Tuong Hot Cuon Banh Trang
  PREPARATION   1/Fish Wash and clean the fish , remove its mouth, gills, fin and tail, dry it with paper towel…
July 7, 20151499 viewsSalad, Seafood, Wrap and Roll
Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Shrimps with Margarine – Tom Rang Bo
PREPARATION 1.Shrimps : trim and wash them , cut the head and tail intact , drained   2.Season with salt about 10…
July 7, 2015979 viewsAppetizer, Seafood
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