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Crab Soup with Quail Egg – Sup Cua Trung Cut


Quail eggs (Trung cut)
Minced pork
150 Grams
100 Grams
Spring onions
1 Pints
Coriander or cilantro (Rau mui)
Fish sauce
1 Pints
Vegetable oil
1 Pints
Seasonings powder (Knorr and Maggi are good brands)
1 Pints
Tapioca starch (Bot nang)
50 Grams
Satay sauce
Fresh ground black peppers

Preparation mode:

How to make “Homemade Crab Soup with Quail Eggs”:

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1/Cook through your quail eggs and take their shells off. Bring a pot to a boil to fully cook chicken. Shred them into thin pieces. Remember to keep chicken broth for later use.

sup cua crab - 4

2/Marinate pork meat with a pinch of fish sauce and seasoning powder for 15 minutes. Roll the mixture over your balms to form small balls (about your thumb size).

sup cua crab - 5

3/Wash crab with water to remove any dirt. Cook them through in a pot, transfer them out and set aside to cool off. Gradually get the most meat from the crab with the least amount of shell. You can buy crab meat from nearby grocery store but they are in no way to compare to fresh-off-the boat products.

sup cua crab - 6

4/Rinse mushrooms with water. Let them drain and then slice thinly.

sup cua crab - 7

5/Whisk a beaten egg in a small bowl. Prepare another bowl to dissolve 2 tsp. of tapioca starch.

sup cua crab - 8

6/Slice the upper part of onions into small pieces. Slice the lower part of onions and coriander thinly but set them aside from the upper one. Retain some coriander for garnishing later.

sup cua crab - 9

7/Preheat a wok to a medium heat. Put minced onions (the upper ones) inside and fry until fragrant.

sup cua crab - 10

8/Pour sliced mushrooms and crab meats into the wok. Stir them frequently for a while.

sup cua crab - 11

9/Continue to put chicken broth prepared at step 1/ into the mixture. Bring them to a rolling boil.

sup cua crab - 12

10/Put all of small meat balls, cooked quail eggs and shredded chicken inside the broth. Turn on to a high heat to fully cook all components.

sup cua crab - 13

11/At this stage, pour tapioca starch liquid and beaten egg into the wok. Use your wooden chopsticks to stir them in a circular motion clockwise while adding because they help to make your soup more eye-appealing with different cloud shapes and glueiness texture.

sup cua crab - 14

12/Season your soup to best suit your taste. Sprinkle on top with coriander and sliced spring onions. Add satay sauce and black peppers if you are a spicy lover. Serve when it is hot.

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How to serve:

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sup cua crab - 15

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