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Vietnamese Recipes – Appealing and Tasty Fish Porridge Congee with Bitter Herbs (aka Mekong Fish Rice Soup in a Pressure Cooker) – Chao Ca Loc Mien Tay


White fish (Ca loc)
500 Grams
Tiger prawn
Bitter herb (Rau dang)
100 Grams
Glutinous rice
1 Cups
Brown onion (Hanh tay)
Purple onion (Hanh tim)
Black pepper
1 Pints
Fish sauce
1 Pints
1 Pints

Preparation mode:

1/Rinse off fish with water. Cut lengthwise to slice away boneless fish fillet from the bones and set them aside. Throughout the preparation, any scales should be removed.

chao ca loc - 7

2/Wash bitter herbs with water and discard any withered or yellow stems.

chao ca loc - 14

3/How to remove fishy taste and prepare your broth:

-Grill brown onions, ginger and purple onions on a oven.

chao ca loc - 8

-Marinade fish\’s head and bones with fish sauce, sliced purple onions and crushed black peppers. Stir-fry them over a medium heat.

Preheat a pot to a rolling boil and put into the stir-fried mixture above to make your broth tastier. Where you are about to remove them from the heat, add into shrimps and cook them through.

Take out all the flesh from fish\’s bones and use this liquid to make your broth later.

chao ca loc - 9

chao ca loc - 10

4/Pour glutinous rice into your broth. Cook it over a low heat until it boils, then turn it down to a simmer. Season it with salt, black peppers, fish sauce to best suit your taste.

chao ca loc - 11

5/Transfer a little bit of fish fillets and sliced gingers and shelled out tiger prawns onto a small bowl. Pour boiling rice over all ingredients. Top it off by bitter herbs for garnishing. Some might prefer to cook through fish fillets before ladling them out onto serving bowl. Add a pinch of minced chili + fish sauce to ramp up your flavor.

chao ca loc - 12



How to serve:

(Yield: for 2-3 persons). A warm fish congee truly helps to refresh your mind and provides nutritious vitamins supplements to your body. Congee is absolutely one of my favorites apart from noodles and fried rice after a crappy week. You might not be tempted by its texture if you do not have an Asian background but you would be surprised by how it retains the heat of all flavour in your mouth after tasting. I always remember that my mom was the expert in congee cooking and her fish congee was the best.

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