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Vietnamese Recipes – Dragon Fruit Sorbet – Kem Trai Cay Thanh Long


Dragon fruit (red or white flesh)
20 Grams
Rum wine
10 Milliliters
Lime juice
10 Milliliters
10 Milliliters

Preparation mode:

1/ Peel off your dragon fruit, then slice them into 0.5 cm cube-sized pieces. The trick here is cutting in half first, notching cube-sized pieces and then peeling off your dragon fruit. The inside flesh would easily go out without much of an effort.

sorbet thanh long - 2

2/ Put chunks of dragon fruit into a liquidizer (may xay sinh to). Add more sugar, rum wine, lime juice and then grind them til all ingredients are dissolved. If you prefer a smooth sorbet, you can use a meshing tool to strain off all bigger size pieces before mingling the mixture.

sorbet thanh long - 3

3/ Pour the mixture into a pot or a pan with a lid on top. Use a plastic film to cover the top and then put this pot into a fridge to cool them off. The constant temperature should stay at freezing point of 0 Celsius degree.

sorbet thanh long - 4

4/ After for about 2 hours, take the container out of the fridge. Stir the mixture well to make sure they are well-kneaded. Repeat the same proces for 3-4 times before finishing. It would last for 8 hours to fully make a finely delicate sorbet.

sorbet thanh long - 5

5/ Serving: Scoop your sorbet out and put them on a small dish. Garnish on top with a peppermint leave to make it more appealing and beatiful!


sorbet thanh long - 6