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Vietnamese Recipes – Egg Rolls – Banh Trung Cuon


Sweet seed corns
1/2 Cups
100 Grams
Bell peppers
Green and red color
1 slice
Pepper and salt

Preparation mode:

1/ Beat the egg in a small pan, add sweet seed corns into the mixture with a small amout of pepper. Stir them frequently and mix them well.

2/ Cut tomato, bell pepper and ham into strings as small as little finger size. Put egg over a medium heat and fry them with cooking oil. Spread the egg evenly over the pan. Wait until the egg is just cooked enough then spread crushed cheese over them

3/ Arrange ham, veggie, bell pepper and tomato on top of cooked egg. Melting cheese helps to season the dish and attach fillings to the fried egg. Roll egg over the filling and keep cooking until it gets done up.

4/ Cut the finished rolling eggs into small portions and display them on a dish with veggie. Serve when it is still warm with chili sauce.

trung cuon - 2

trung cuon - 2


1/ This dish not only suits adults\' taste but also appeals to children because of its colorful texture and flavor, especially the fillings.

2/ For alternatives of fillings: you can use green peas, sliced tofu, carrots and minced meat to replace