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Vietnamese Recipes – Fried Wonton Dumplings or Cakes – Hoanh Thanh Chien (Mon An Goc Hoa)


Pork meat, minced
200 Grams
150 Grams
Spring onions
Fish sauce
2 Teaspoons
Sesame oil
1 Teaspoons
Sesame oil
1 Teaspoons
Salt and black pepper
1 Teaspoons
Bouillon cube
1 Teaspoons
Wonton wrapper
Dipping sauce ( 2 teaspoons of red vinegar + 4 teaspoons of Soya sauce + 1 teaspoon of Chili sauce)

Preparation mode:

1/ Wash shrimps in fresh water gently. Shell them off, devein and gradually pestle them in a mortar.

hoanh thanh chien - 2

2/ Blend the mixture of ground meat and shrimps well. Add more sliced spring onions and season them with fish sauce, sesame oil, salt, bouillon cubes and black peppers for half an hour to let them absorbed.

hoanh thanh chien - 3

3/ Spread layers of wonton on a cutting board, once at a time. Scoop out a teaspoon of shrimp and pork paste and place on it.

hoanh thanh chien - 4

4/ Dip your fingers into water, pitch the edges of wonton using a bit of egg white. Fold them into your desirable shapes until being out of all ingredients. Put the leftover into a fridge for further use.

hoanh thanh chien - 5

5/ Use a small pan to fry up your wonton dumplings. Cook every single piece at at time to make them fully cooked. Cook them over a medium heat and turn them upside down until you see golden color outside and the fillings done to a turn.

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