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Vietnamese Recipes – Healthy Low Fat Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom and Herbs Hot Pot – Lau Ga Nam


Chicken, cooked and chopped
1 Kilograms
Rice vermicelli
1 Kilograms
Citronella or Lemon grass (Cay sa)
Shiitake mushroom
100 Grams
100 Grams
Taro root (Khoai mon)
100 Grams
Banana flower
50 Grams
Herbs for hot pot
Dill (Rau thi la)
50 Grams
Brocolli (Cai xanh)
100 Grams
Water spinach (Rau muong)
Seasonings powder (chicken stock)
Chicken bones to make the broth
500 Grams
Galingale, minced (Cu rieng)
Onions, sliced
Chili sauce
Lime juice
Fish sauce (Nuoc mam)

Preparation mode:


1/ Rinse chopped chicken meats with water and then cut into bite-sized chunks. To make the broth: put 500g of chicken bones into a boiling pot, simmer them until bubbles rise to the surface to make the broth.

lau ga nam - 6lau ga nam - 6

2/ Wash herbs with water. Slice them into medium-sized pieces. Trim the ends of wilted vegetables and prune top quarter of discolored herbs that might be yellow on the outside. All withered and decomposed ones should be discarded.

lau ga nam - 4lau ga nam - 4

3/ Other ingredients:

-Cut lemon grass into small pieces and crush them all.

Wash tomatoes with water and slice them thinly.

-For taro roots, peel them off and cut in half. Steam them until fully cooked.

-Wash shitake mushrooms to remove any dirt before soaking them in lukewarm water.

4/ After crossing through all these steps, you can arrange all components onto a large hot pot dish. They orderly occupy different spaces with numerous color which could easily make any mouths watering.

lau ga nam - 3lau ga nam - 3

5/ How to make the boiling broth:

-Parboil a pot over a medium heat. Pour vegetable oil along with 1tsp. of minced garlic, crushed lemon grass and sliced tomatoes. Cook them until fragrant.

-Continue to add in 4tsp. of chili sauce + 1tsp. of galingale + a pinch of sliced onions and stir fry them. Add more shiitake mushrooms into the mixture. Pour chicken broth prepared at step 1/ into the heating pan. Season them with 3tsp. of fish sauce +3tsp. of sugar + 3tsp. of lime juice +1tsp. of chicken stock + a pinch of salt.


6/ Bring the pot to boil. Plunge vegetables prepared at step 4/ to make axillary ingredients. A good hot pot is the one with sourer taste, less spicy and typical slightly red appearance.



How to serve:

lau ga nam - 2

to be continued...