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Vietnamese Recipes – Hell Fried Rice – Com Am Phu Hue


Ordinary rice, not glutinous rice (Gao te)
Pork meat
200 Grams
200 Grams
Tiger prawns (Tom su)
100 Grams
100 Grams
Lotus seeds
100 Grams
Jicama (Cu dau)
50 Grams
50 Grams
Spring onions
1 Pints
Purple onions
Cilantro (Rau mui)
For garnishing
For garnishing
Seasonings powder (Knorr and Maggi are good brands)
1 Pints
1 Pints
Soy sauce
Five spices powder (Ngu vi huong)
Vegetable oil

Preparation mode:

How to make “Hell Rice”:

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1/ Preparation stage:

-Rinse off shrimps with water. Discard their heads and tails.

com am phu hell - 2

-Slice hams into thin pieces.

com am phu hell- 3

-To dice carrots, first peel it and then remove their ends. If it is a long one, cut in half to make your work easier. Cut a slice of lenghwise and turn them to lay flat on a cutting board. Cut into small cubes as below.

com am phu hell- 4

-Wash jicama carefully with water to remove partly their soil coating. Peel off their skins and then dice them all. (similar size to hams and carrots prepared above)

com am phu hell - 5

-Remove the sturdiest bit of strings and stems lengthwise. Soak them in slightly salt water for 5 minutes at the longest. Slice them into diced shapes.

com am phu hell - 6

-Beat egg in a small bowl with fork  or whisk until egg white and yolk are fully blended.

com am phu hell - 7

-Slice spring onions thinly.

com am phu hell - 8

-Crush purple onion into minced pieces on a cutting board.

com am phu hell - 9

-Slice garlic cloves into small bits.

com am phu hell - 10

-Slice cucumbers into very thin strips.

com am phu hell - 11

-Remove seeds inside of chili and then slice them into thin threads.

com am phu hell - 12

-Wash pork meat with water. Marinate it with 1tsp. of sugar + 2tsp. of five spices powder + 1tsp. of honey + 1tsp. of fresh ground black pepper + 2tsp. of fish sauce + 1/2 cup of minced garlic cloves + a pinch of cooking oil. Blend them well and let them stand in room temperature for 10-15 minutes to make a good marinade. Slice pork meat into diced chunks.

com am phu hell - 13

-Preheat a pot to a rolling boil and cook lotus seeds through.

com am phu hell - 14

2/Processing stage:

-Preheat a wok over a medium heat to cook shrimps done to a turn. Ladle them outside to shell out and devein.

com am phu hell - 15

-Stir-fry a saucepan with a thin layer of cooking oil. Put minced garlic cloves and sliced purple onions into that pan and fry them until fragrant or golden brown. When they diffuse aromatic flavor, you put diced carrots, jicama and lotus seeds inside. Continue to do so for meat pork, Vietnamese hams and peas. Stir them well in a circular motion for a while.

com am phu hell - 17

-Prepare another pan to stir-dry rice. Line the bottom of your pan with medium layer of cooking oil. Pour rice into the pot. Just stir for a short while and seal the lid quickly. This would help your dried rice becomes softer and golden brown faster. Season your mixture with Knorr or Maggi powder to best suit your taste.

com am phu hell - 18

-Pour beaten egg and sliced spring onions into the pan. Stir them well with your dried rice for 2-3 minutes before removing them from the heat.

com am phu hell - 20

3/Finishing stage:

-Transfer rice prepared above onto small bowl. Remember to divide them all into 6 equal portions along all other ingredients. Press your dried rice firmly into the bowl to make sure that when you turn it upside down into a plate, your slump of rice would not be collapsed.

com am phu hell - 21

-Garnish on top with a few shrimps and trimming chili. Surround around your rice slump by some herbs (coriander or cilantro) and sliced cucumbers. Serve when it is hot.

com am phu hell - 22

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How to serve:

Yields: for 6 persons.

com am phu hell - 23

com am phu hell - 24