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Vietnamese Recipes – Mackerel Braised with Tea – Ca Thu Kho Nuoc Che


500 Grams
Lean and fat pork
150 Grams
Fish sauce
3 Tablespoons
Sugar cane
Green tea leaves
50 Grams
Seasonings (salt and MSG)

Preparation mode:

1/ Remove gills and intestines from the mackerel; wash and cut the mackerel into pieces; sprinkle with salt and toss slightly; drain; then bake or fry quickly.

2/ Wash and boil the green tea leaves in a pot of water to obtain the amount of water to cover mackerel.

3/ Cut pork into pieces thick and large in width.

4/ Whittle the bark of sugarcan; split into tape; lay on the bottom of the pot; put mackerel and pork on top; add the fish sauce, caramel sauce and seasoning; pour the tea into the pot and bring to the boil. Cover them and cook over low heat until there is no more water in the pot; sprinkle with peeper; remove from heat; serve cool with hot rice.


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