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Vietnamese Recipes – Rice cooked in Lotus Leaves – Com La Sen


Broken rice
250 Grams
Lean pork meat
150 Grams
Green peas
100 Grams
Lotus seeds
200 Grams
Field mushroom (Nam huong)
20 Grams
Green rice flakes
100 Grams
Scraped copra
250 Grams
Dice shrimp
100 Grams
Fried shallots, chili, pepper
Lotus leaf
Ingredients (salt, sugar, MSG, pepper, vegetable oil, soya sauce)

Preparation mode:

1/ Wash the rice before putting them into a cooker. Simmer green peas and lotus seeds under medium heat until they get softer. Soak scraped copra in the boiling water to get off coconut fiber and dirt before draining them out and placing them in a small bowl.

2/ Roughly put the lotus leaf under tap water and use clean cloth towel to wipe out any sign of mud. Soak field mushroom in the water for about 1 hour and then cut them into dice shape.

3/ Steam the shelled shrimps no longer than 15 minutes or until you see the reddish color in their bodies. At that stage, you remove them from the heat, devein them and cut in half. Pork preserve in big bulks for being seasoned with ingredients. Cook them until they are done to a turn. Ladle pork meat out of the pot and dice them.

4/ Fry shallot until you smell the fragrance. Then, stir fry a mixture of shelled shrimps, cooked lean pork meats, lotus seeds, green peas, scraped coconut, mushrooms and other ingredients and toss them up.

5/ Spread the lotus leaf evenly, line the bottom with lotus seeds and place the previous mixture of rice and foods on top. Served with chili sauce or slice chili and enjoy your meal!


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