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Vietnamese Recipes – Rice Paper Salad – Banh Trang Tron


Rice paper
Cut into thin strips (0.5-1cm)
Green mango
1 Cups
Julienned. Adding more mango would make your mixture more moistured
Knotgrass (Rau ram)
1 Cups
Chopped into small pieces
Dried protein
(Shredded beef jerky, shredded squid or dehydrated field shrimps)
Quail egg or 1 hard-boiled egg cut into 8 pieces
Vegetable oil
2 Tablespoons
Green onions, minced
4 Tablespoons
Shrimp salt (Muoi tom) or ordinary salt
Soya sauce
Chili oil
Fried shallot
Crushed peanut
Seasoning (MSG and salt)

Preparation mode:

1/ Saute green onions in the oil until fragrant. Add dehydrated field shrimps to the mixture and stir them up.

2/ Blend rice paper strips with hot oil, green onions and field shrimps to soften rice paper. Blend them well for a short while.

3/ Season rice paper with a lime, a sprinkle of sugar, lime juice, hot chili oil, a dash of seasonings and some shrimp salt. If you use normal salt, you might need to use it sparingly because it is much saltier. Mix them well and avoid to make them clumpy. Make sure every portion of the mixture is seasoned thoroughly.

4/ Taste them to suit you best. Add green mango, shredded protein, quail egg, chopped knotgrass, crushed peanuts and dried shallots. Toss and mix them continuously to allow all ingredients and components are wholely blended.


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