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Vietnamese Recipes – Simple but Sentational Banana Flower Blossom (Inflorescence) Salad with Chicken – Nom Hoa Chuoi Thit Ga


Banana blossom (Hoa chuoi)
300 Grams
Chicken meat
400 Grams
Bean sprouts (Gia), washed and drained off
200 Grams
Peanuts, roasted and crushed
50 Grams
Oninon bulb (Cu hanh tay)
Carrot, washed, peeled off and sliced thinly
Lime leaves, washed and sliced into small pieces
Laska leaves (Rau ram), washed and sliced thinly
Coriander (Rau mui), washed and sliced thinly
Basil leaves (Rau hung que) or other herbs (Rau thom), washed and sliced thinly
Garlic, peeled off and crushed
Seasonings (Sugar, salt and fish sauce)

Preparation mode:

1/ Use pairing knife to peel off the hard cover of banana inflorescence. Slice them into small pieces. One small little trick to prevent banana flower from being blackened is to soak them in cold water added with brine water + lime juice for 20 minutes at least. After that set them aside to drain off.

nom hoa chuoi thit ga - 3

2/ Beware of using breast or thigh of chicken. They would ramp up your favor compared to other components. Rinse them with water, add into 1/2tsp. of salt and cook them through for 15-20minutes over a medium heat. Remove them from the heat and set aside. When they are cooler, shred them into thin and fine threads.

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3/ Fabulous recipe to make the sweet and sour dipping fish sauce:

1tsp. of lime juice + 1tsp. of rice vinegar + 1tsp. of sugar + 1/2tsp. of fish sauce + a pinch of minced garlic + a pinch of salt—>Mix them well to make all ingredients completely dissolved.

nom hoa chuoi thit ga - 5

4/ How to marinate:

-Arrange banana flower + shredded chicken meat + sliced onions + sliced carrots onto a bowl. Pour into the prepared dipping fish sauce above and blend them well. Do it for 2 minutes before discard all the dipping sauce in a bowl and leave the mixture there.

-Continue to put in laska leaves + coriander + herbs onto the bowl. Stir them well while adding a tsp. of roast peanuts and a pinch of vinegar+sugar.

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How to serve:

Arrange all components into a dish and let\'s enjoy your home-made salad!

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