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Vietnamese Recipes – Sweet Soup with Coconut Milk, Taro, Cassava, Sweet Potato and Tapioca – Che Ba Ba hay Che Thung


Cassava, peeled into small cubes and soaked overnight
350 Grams
Sweet potatoes or Taro, peeled into small cubes and soaked overnight in saline water
550 Grams
Mung beans, split, peeled and soaked overnight
100 Grams
Peanuts, raw and soaked overnight
100 Grams
Pandan leaves or vanilla
Coconut milk
500 Milliliters
Tapioca strips, soaked in water for 1/2 hour
50 Grams
Seaweeds, shredded
15 Grams

Preparation mode:

1/ Prepare a small pan to put into all raw peanuts. Cook them over a medium heat until all get done and softer. Prepare another larger pot, pour 2 litres of water into it and bring them to a boil. Add soaked mung beans and cook them for 10 minutes. Keep an eye on skimming off foams appearing on the surface of your mixture.

che ba ba - 3

2/ Prepare cubed sweet potatoes, cassava and taro. Prior to that stage, set aside all cooked peanuts. Add tapioca strips into this place. Cook all ingredients until all get softer.

che ba ba - 4

3/ For sweet tooth lovers, adding a little bit of sugar would do no more harm to the best of your health. Add pandan leaves which are tied carefully to your mixture. Simmer them over a low heat for 15 minutes at the longest. Add 500ml of coconut milk, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and vanilla before removing them from the heat. Rinse and clean shredded seaweeds in fresh water a couple times to remove any dirts, cut them into thin strips before adding them to the mixture in the last step.

che ba ba - 5




How to serve: Transfer all of ingredients into a small bowl. Let's enjoy a beautiful texture of crunchy peanuts while swallowing tasty coconut milk and indulging in different taste of tropical plants, mate!

che ba ba - 2