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Vietnamese recipes – Vegan Bread with Tofu – Banh Mi Chay voi Dau Hu


Vietnamese of French baguette
Choose the freshly baked ones from street foodstalls
Fried tofu
250 Grams
Sliced into thin portions
Sliced into paper-thinned strips
Green oninons
100 Grams
Cut and divide into long strips
Carrots, raddish, unripe mango
Pickle them for a while (under 1 week), then all of them are julienned
Green vegetables (Fresh herbs)
Choose all of them: Mint, Thai basil and coriander (or cilantro)
Vegan mayonnaise
1 Cups
Vegetarian fish sauce
2 Tablespoons

Preparation mode:

1/ Prior to preparation:

Vegan fish sauce: You can hit any Asian grocery store or open-air market to buy one. Even though it contains additives and preservatives but using in moderation won\’t kill anyone. A good alternative is soya sauce.

Pickled vegetables: Carrot is the main ingredient. Feel free to rule out others or add something more to your porfolios. Julinenne them in a small pot of vinegar with seasonings (a pinch of salt and sugar)

Tofu: extra firm work best. Hang them all on top of a racket or use paper tissue to drain out water. Slice them into thin pieces before drying them up in a small pan. Vegetable oil if prefered and you can marinate tofu with a small amount of salt and soya sauce before simmering them in oil.

2/ Steps taken to make our products:

-Use a oven to bake them for a 5 minutes or less (if you prefer a warm taste and crispy texture)

-Open your bagutte to put in vegan mayonaisse.

-Toppings are piled in.

-A very small bit of fish sauce is enough to make a culminating flavour (it is healthy also for your cardio vascular system!)

-Add minced chili or pepper to finish it off before it is served.




banh mi chay-2